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Update: 24 Jul 2019













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Inside the Cherry


Controls, retractable landing gear mechanism ...

Surfing the internet I discovered the independent pedal brake system at Mark Langford´s KR2S-project.
As you can see, I removed the hand-operated brake already.
I got the master cylinders (incl. parking brake valve) at Matco here in Salt Lake City.


No seat cushion yet...


The first instruments are temporarily fitted in place.
Note: The elevation here in Utah 4740 ft (1445m) above MSL.

During the EAA-meeting at Oshkosh, I discovered this Confor-Foam seat foam.
I already read about this memory-foam developed for the space program, now I
could even test it. I fell for it right away.

Jim & Janice Fix offer various combinations Confor-Foam
(red = soft, blue = medium and green = firm) in various sizes as well as an
outstanding support.






With a ”new” analog tachometer...


The original Baggage compartment was build of fabric, way smaller and lighter, but I copied the bigger
(and 1 kg heavier) fiberglass version I saw in Austria.


This is how I like it...

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